More detalis from Hobart

Hobart said

I have very little new information and I’m sure I’ll have more by next week. But, here is what I can tell you.

- The game will be F2P. What does this mean you say? It means you don’t have to pay to play. Right now there are no plans to have a marketplace. That could possibly change at some point. But don’t worry about that now.
- We are working on allowing new accounts to be created. This change came in hot last night and our billing team will need to play catch up.

****ATTENTION PowerPC users and users of the OLD LaunchPAD.****
- As of right now, the old LaunchPad will die at around around the original shutdown date of Alkabor. (3/29)
- Alkabor will be moving to the new LP4 launcher that you currently see for EQ and EQ2.
- What this means is that if you are using a PowerPC, you will lose access to the game. (*NOTE* I’ll try and support PowerPC, but the effort to do this is not simple.)
- If you are still using OSX 10.4 the GameLauncher will not run. You must upgrade to 10.5 or higher.

I’ll try and get more details later.

And a follow up by Smedley

JSmedley said

Dear EQ Mac players,

After hearing all the passionate players asking to keep the server up we are going go ahead and do so. We are also going to make the game free. No subscription and no marketplace either. I’m a passionate Mac gamer myself and at SOE we are interested in putting our new games onto the Mac and are looking into it closely. With any luck when we roll out new Mac games you will take a look if it’s the kind of game you’re into… Say for example if we make an MMORPG in a familiar fantasy world…..

Thanks for the emails and the passion. It matters a lot to us. More than you realize. 


A little more info from SOE

Linda “Brasse” Carlson
Director, Global Community Relations, SOE posted on

Ladies and Gentlemen… just to formalize things a bit, we’d like to share the following:

After announcing our intention to sunset EverQuest (EQ) Mac in January, the response we received from the passionate EQ Mac community has resulted in our decision not to sunset the game at this time. Moving forward, we will be removing subscriptions from EQ Mac so that it will be a free game that everyone can continue to play and enjoy. We will look closely at Mac for our future titles.

Smedley tweets:

Ok EQ Mac Players. You are a wonderful group of players. We will leave it running with no changes or subscription fees. Details soon

Very nice article on Massively.

Hobart soliciting feedback on an Al’Kabor Marketplace

Hobart said:

Just soliciting random feedback.

If EQMac had a marketplace. What things would you consider paying for as a method of generating extra revenue?

Server is the same as it is now. Just with a marketplace.

Items could be added to the server. Could be new items, could be future expansion stuff.
Anything is fair game to suggest and not limited to items. Also, please also add a value to whatever you suggest.


Todd Schmidt
Hobart 65th Shaman of the Tribunal

Utdaan’s response on page seven is worth noting:

4-5,000 votes needed in SOE’s poll before they will take notice

Firestorm said: We Need Votes

I just received a message from Utdaan. He said Hobart told him that we need 10x the number of votes (4-5K) that we currently have to make a difference towards the fate of our server.

The good news is that the poll is open to PC peeps, the bad news is that we currently only have 400 or so votes.

We need to get the word out there folks or we’re toast.

Here’s a link to the poll —>

Tell everyone, post everywhere and lets see if we can get this done.

Letters to John

Peeps have been reposting their letters to John Smedley on Here is what I could round up:

Jian -

Purrfection -

Reksar -

Frosst -

Freedym -

Utdaan delivers “State of Al’Kabor” address - too much customer service use!

Hey folks,

Over the next few days I’ll be removing all information pertaining to a couple of things on the forums.

One is regarding contacting SOE support. The second is regarding the PPC client.

As it turns out, one of the largest factors in the decision to pull the plug was the cost of keeping us up and running. I’m not talking about electricity or bandwidth expenses, but the cost in man hours this server has generated since 2009.

Since the stolen account fiasco in 2009, Al’Kabor has surpassed any of the PC servers in CS inquiries to population ratio. That support isn’t free or cheap, and the costs involved have long surpassed what we generate in monthly subscriptions. This prompted SOE’s accountants to do an audit of our server. They determined that we are too expensive to maintain. We need to try to do everything possible to reduce this cost and show SOE that we can be sustainable in our current form.

Secondly, one of the biggest CS inquiries was due to the PPC client. In order to get it running, one had to contact CS to flag their accounts for EQMac. Some of the CSR’s knew the process, and some did not, causing extra grief on them and us.

As of now, it has been requested that I remove all mention of the PPC client and contacting SOE for the support. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there wil be no method for support, or for PPC Macs to play on AK. If the server does continue, the PPC patcher will cease to function on 3/29. If (WHEN!) we survive, Hobart may check again to see how many are still on the old client and he may do a rebuild to work the same as the Intel client, through the web launcher. It also could mean that EQMac will be Intel Mac only. Bear in mind that Apple doesn’t even support the PPC processor any longer so why should we expect other companies to do the same?

I will be going through the forums and removing info, posts, or entire threads pertaining to the old client or contacting SOE CS. Please don’t think I’m targeting any one individual. I’m trying to do everything in my power to make sure we have a continued existence. I’ll also post up alternative ways of getting in game support at a future date.

In addition, understand that as long as we are still up and running, refrain from the negativity on these boards. Not everyone at SOE wants to see us shut down, and painting all of SOE with the same brushstroke hurts us a lot more that you think. Also, those of you using “less than savory” means of playing on AK, please refrain from those activities. You are also generating CS inquiries that are contributing to this problem. The solution is not for the server to stop our complaints about these activities, but for those partaking in them to understand that they are contributing to the demise of the server. For the sake of everyone on AK, please cease and desist these activities.